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Shobak, Jeddah

Shobak is a pizzeria with a local flavour. Its a pure Saudi concept and offers many different kinds of pizzas. It has both sweet and savoury pizzas on its menu. Their breakfast is one of a kind and something quite unique to Jeddah.

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Saraya Latif, Jeddah

Saraya Latif is a fine dining restaurant based on a Turkish concept. Itsd one of the most trendiest and must go to places in Jeddah. The menu is made to order and the ingredients used are of superior quality which reflects in the taste.

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SBARRO, Jeddah

In 1956,the first Sbarro opened in Brooklyn. Since then, Sbarro has brought the best pasta, salad, and of course the XL NY pizza slice across the world. Its branches are opened in Jeddah and now many more branches across Saudi Arabia.

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Labeeb Express, Jeddah

Labeeb Express is a Lebanese Chain of restaurants established in 2011. The first vbranch opened on Tahlia Street, Jeddah. The cusine although Lebanese has been improvised to include the Saudi flavour.They have 4 branches in Jeddah .
Saudi Concept combining the Lebanese & Syrian kitchen experience with Turkish culture and Mediterranean heritage. With fresh ingredients and a cozy dining atmosphere, Labeeb express is a place to be.

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Kivahan, Riyadh

The name KivaHan has a bit of history. It was the name of the first coffee shop in the world and that made the concept and the name all the more special. The first branch in Riyadh was opened in Othman Bin Affan street. Every type of speciality coffee is available at KivaHan. Kivahan plans to expand in Saudi Arabia with shops coming up in the end of 2019.

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DOTS, Jeddah

Dots, now open in Jeddah is focused on breaking away from the familiar donuts. The variety present is very reminiscent of gourmet bakeries in New York. With varieties like maple and bacon as well as mango chilli and lime, its a new flavour everyday.

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