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  • Labeeb Express, Jeddah

    Labeeb Express is a Lebanese Chain of restaurants established in 2011. The first vbranch opened on Tahlia Street, Jeddah. The cusine although Lebanese has been improvised to include the Saud

  • Kivahan, Riyadh

    The name KivaHan has a bit of history. It was the name of the first coffee shop in the world and that made the concept and the name all the more special. The first branch in Riyadh was opene

  • Criollo, Jeddah

    Criollo started as a home business in cookies and cakes. As the business grew, realisation crept that they needed a storefront and a commercial kitchen to cater to the need. It became a hit

  • Charcoza, Riyadh

    Charcoza is a mezze grill cuisine with a sharing concept. With delightful spices and Argentinian meat flair as part of the menu, it's a must go place in Riyadh.

  • Amama Cafe, Jeddah

    Amama Cafe was the brainchild of group of entrepreneurial Saudis.Aamama, the name, is derived from the Spanish word which means “grandmother”. The concept of the cafe is to create an env

  • DOTS, Jeddah

    Dots, now open in Jeddah is focused on breaking away from the familiar donuts. The variety present is very reminiscent of gourmet bakeries in New York. With varieties like maple and bacon as