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Kivahan, Riyadh

The name KivaHan has a bit of history. It was the name of the first coffee shop in the world and that made the concept and the name all the more special. The first branch in Riyadh was opened in Othman Bin Affan street. Every type of speciality coffee is available at KivaHan. Kivahan plans to expand in Saudi Arabia with shops coming up in the end of 2019.

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Charcoza, Riyadh

Charcoza is a mezze grill cuisine with a sharing concept. With delightful spices and Argentinian meat flair as part of the menu, it’s a must go place in Riyadh.

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DOTS, Jeddah

Dots, now open in Jeddah is focused on breaking away from the familiar donuts. The variety present is very reminiscent of gourmet bakeries in New York. With varieties like maple and bacon as well as mango chilli and lime, its a new flavour everyday.

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Dunkin Donuts, Riyadh

Dunkin Donuts was one of the first major chains that started in 1986 in KSA. It has now over 200 shops in the country alone. Raqtan has worked with the franchise owner to provide and create each kitchen that is as per the franchise specification but also maintained the franchise standards to the dot.

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Sloans Ice Cream, Jeddah

Sloans is franchise store, initially based in Florida, USA.The first branch was opened in Jeddah. Sloans boasts of original ice cream flavours made from quality ingredients. It is the brainchild of Sloan Kamenstein, a classically trained chef who has honed his craft at London’s Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

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Draft Cafe, Riyadh

Draft initially started as a concept store which grew into to include a speciality coffee shop. Raqtan was the preferred partner to help conceptualise and make Draft a reality. With expertise and experience in the coffee nuances, Raqtan worked on every aspect to ensure that the dream became reality.

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