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Water Filtration System

  • Smoothie Factory, Al Khobar

    Smoothie Factory first opened in 2012. They were the first healthy smoothie and juice bar to provide a variety of classic smoothies, juices as well as protein smoothies. They also provide co

  • Shobak, Jeddah

    Shobak is a pizzeria with a local flavour. Its a pure Saudi concept and offers many different kinds of pizzas. It has both sweet and savoury pizzas on its menu. Their breakfast is one of a k

  • Saraya Latif, Jeddah

    Saraya Latif is a fine dining restaurant based on a Turkish concept. Itsd one of the most trendiest and must go to places in Jeddah. The menu is made to order and the ingredients used are of

  • SBARRO, Jeddah

    In 1956,the first Sbarro opened in Brooklyn. Since then, Sbarro has brought the best pasta, salad, and of course the XL NY pizza slice across the world. Its branches are opened in Jeddah and

  • Momentary, Jeddah

    Momentary, a Saudi brand; offers casual western dining. Using the best and freshest of ingredients, they hope to cater to the expectations of their customers. They boast of having one of the

  • Kivahan, Riyadh

    The name KivaHan has a bit of history. It was the name of the first coffee shop in the world and that made the concept and the name all the more special. The first branch in Riyadh was opene